​Passion & Perseverance

Watch your children unlock the priceless skill of perseverance as they solve the challenges. We also introduce them to characters who never give up. You'll be amazed at how they unlock a passion for reading, solving problems and highly imaginative creativity!

Bottom Line: 

Fun & Effort = Better Results

Critical Thinking

We design our challenges to compel your children to find structured solutions. We help you guide them through this method with follow-on questions to encourage reasoning by first principles. This skill will transform your children into the big problem solvers of the future!

Bottom Line:

Structured Thinking = Better Decisions

Creative Thinking

Our stories use exciting characters

and settings to stretch the wildest imagination. Creativity is also

heightened because there are no illustrations. Your children will create their own perspectives! Watch them think outside the box trying to solve our open-ended creative challenges.

Bottom Line: 

Outside the Box Ideas = Better Solutions

Powerful Positive Results

Unlock creativity and critical thinking.

Our three core principles help your children unlock their natural abilities.

MakeThinkers. helps you empower your children in this superconnected technology driven world!

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