Hi Moms and Dads,

MakeThinkers grew out of my need to spend more quality time with my children in an impactful way. Using bedtime storytelling we were off to a good start. Its benefits were well known and widely published. Yet, it lacked that extra something. I'm sure you know about the eventual boredom that sets in with repetitive storytelling. Couldn't we use this time better? I set out to design and build a better experience.

During my time as a fellow at MIT, I began blending original storytelling with imaginative mental challenges. The goal was to combine creativity with critical thinking while forming a strong bond with my children.  And, of course, short enough for me to complete in less than fifteen minutes.

I continued to experiment and tried many variations. I even asked some of my professors and friends around the world to try it out with their children. Finally, it happened! I hit the right combination.

My wife and I noticed that our family loved this new type of bedtime storytelling! Our children constantly yearned for more adventures and they were excited to solve the challenges at the end of each story! We also saw how they were beginning to mix creative thinking with logical reasoning. The way they solved problems blew our minds. On top of it all, we could also see them gaining confidence, patience, and focus. Naturally, we had a blast watching them flourish and our bond strengthened while having fun! 

After experiencing this success, I had to share it with everyone. So, I started working with my mom to make it happen. She is a caring, passionate and highly accomplished elementary school educator. I grew up watching her teach and witnessing the smart ways she encouraged students to think. (Not to mention me - thanks mom!) She was a perfect fit to build out this vision.

Together we aim to take storytelling to a whole different level. We have made this entire activity straightforward and enjoyable for anyone to do. Our mission is simple: unlock the natural creativity and critical thinking skills in every child.

Through our first series, 'The Adventures of Zoe & Alex', we have put this mission into action. 

We are thrilled to have you join us on this exciting journey. Get ready for a fantastic ride!

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Our Team

​Here's why we love what we do.

​​We seriously love hearing from you so please email us any questions, comments or simply to chat: readtome@makethinkers.com

 Gail Mittan

A superb, dedicated, educator in elementary schools for over 40 years, Gail uses her extensive experience to ensure that all content is designed to maximize our goal - to help children unlock their natural creativity and stimulate powerful thinking while having fun. When she isn't busy creating delightful content with David at MakeThinkers, Gail enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren in New Jersey and continues to teach. She is also passionate about competing in walking races, crossword puzzles and gourmet cooking.

The MakeThinkers Team

​Here's why we love what we do.

David Mittan

David was born in South Africa and he has lived in the US for almost 20 years. He is an avid cross-training fan. He is a voracious reader, loves learning new languages and playing chess. David holds three degrees, including an MS from UT Austin and an MBA from MIT. He is a lifelong learner with interests in finance, human health, robotics and the future of education. He's also a highly experienced investor who enjoys solving problems. When he isn't busy sharing MakeThinkers with parents and educators across the world, David can be found spending time with his family, playing soccer with his two lovely daughters or strumming the guitar.